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exporting our history and our traditions through our furniture.

Giovanni Visentin Srl is a family-run company, whose roots lie directly in the land where we live. Past and present are united in our furniture, so as to give the customer what once upon a time was the great italian classical tradition.

1970s & 1990s 

The greatest richness we have is the history we have lived. Knowledge and experience handed down from generation to generation enabled us to create a brand plunged into the culture of our land. The brand was created by our founder, Luigi Visentin , in 1973.

Since the beginning, we have been working both in Italy and abroad, leading our company to be recognized in Europe for our refined and sophisticated works.

In order to provide a better service, in 1992 we setup VIPA Srl, a parallel company trading timber. In this way, we could offer the best to our customers.

Quality is not only refinement

To produce our pieces we largely use solid woods, with a minimum thickness of 10mm, that allow us to make some typical details in our furniture. The woods we use the most are walnut, cherry and oak; in some specific projects, we also use other types of wood, such as rosewood and mahogany.

Precious woods and excellent materials

For us it has a wider meaning, which starts from the beginning. The wood used in our furniture comes directly from woods and forests protected from deforestation. For each fallen tree another one is planted, for protecting of the ecosystem in where we all live.

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